160mm Diamond Hole Saw and Dust Bowl Demonstration Video

Diamond Tile Angle Grinder Drill Demonstration Video

  • Daniel Gunther - Levin Heat Pumps

    "We used to use TCT hole saws from the local electrical wholesaler, now my crew of 13 all use the Green RWK Diamond Hole Saws. Gib, hardies soffit and Hardies Linea cut super cleanly and quickly, no biting and hurting your wrist even with large sized holes (over 150mm). I recommend using the RWK dust bowl with them. Top product and great quality that lasts better than anything we've used so far. We are converted!"

  • Hu Guo

    "This is the best Hole Saw I have ever used. We used to get contractors in to cut hole for extraction fans in tiled walls. With these hole saws we can do the whole job ourselves."

  • Sam Katuszka

    "Highly recommend these holesaws! Easy use with an amazing finish! Great communication, fast delivery and good quality. Can't go wrong."

  • Anthony Broad

    "These Holesaws are amazing. Got a couple of the 160mm Diamond Hole Saws. Still using the first one and done 30 odd holesand plenty left. Highly recommened!"

  • Mark Heyns

    "Best hole saws I've ever owned, cut over 90 holes with my 160mm Diamond Hole Saw and still going strong!"

  • Hamish Scott - Relume Electrical

    "Absolutely the best hole saws around!"