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160mm Diamond Hole Saw through Brick wall for bathroom extraction


2x 160mm Diamond Hole Saw through soffit for bathroom extractions

Cement board


160mm Diamond Hole Saw through Tile and outside cladding for bathroom extraction


130mm Diamond Hole Saw through Tile

130mm hole cutout tile for toilet


160mm Diamond Hole Saw through plaster wall

Rough castRough cast


160mm Diamond Hole Saw through timber soffits

Tung and grove


160mm Diamond Hole Saw through plaster ceiling



Diamond Hole Saw through roofing iron


Diamond Hole Saw through Polycrete box

PolycretePolycrete cable pit


Diamond Hole Saw through Oamaru stone wall


Diamond Hole Saw through roofing iron


Installing recessed speakers using Diamond holesaws

6mm Angle grinder tile bit


240mm Diamond Hole Saw through timber for a kids swing


200mm Diamond Hole Saw through iron for 200mm duct


160mm Diamond Hole Saw through roofing tiles


Customers roofing kit he has made up


86mm Diamond Hole Saw through a Ply ceiling for downlight

288mm Diamond Hole Saw through a Ply ceiling for 200mm duct

360mm Diamond holesaw cutting rings in 16mm ply.

160mm Diamond holesaw through a container unit. Still cut soffits the next day.

TCT Metal holesaws used through stainless panels for glands

160mm Diamond through MDF for rangehood ducting

Diamond holesaw through bench top for tap

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