About us | The story behind RWK Holesaws NZ

Hello, my name is Richard Knight from Oamaru in the South Island of New Zealand. I am an electrician of 20 years’ experience. In 2018 I started looking for an alternative option for cutting holes in soffits for 150mm bathroom extraction ducts. I found there was nothing on the market that was user-friendly and durable. I ended up designing and engineering a 160mm diamond edge Holesaw in my workshop that would be suitable for the purpose I was wanting. My workmates and I found it to be such a success, that I made one for downlights also. After 2 years of trialing and well over 60 holes through various materials, we were so impressed with not only the cutting ability but its durability. In 2020 I bit the bullet and found an engineering company that would manufacture my design. Then our business RWK Holesaws NZ was born. In October 2020 I had my first batch of 160mm Diamond Holesaws arrive which proved to be immensely popular with Electricians all over New Zealand. In January 2021 we received our 2nd batch of Diamond Holesaws which has some sizes that had been requested by our customers. Two popular sizes for recessed downlights, 86mm and 92mm and when it comes to bathroom/rangehood extraction, we have that covered also, with a 130mm and the super popular 160mm.  By August 2021 we had a full range of Diamond Holesaws ranging in size from 6mm to 240mm with more sizes still to come, including a 7 piece TCT Metal Cutting Kit. 2023 saw larger sizes in the Diamond range upto a mammoth 360mm. We also introduced a Bi Metal Holesaw range in hot pink and a TCT Wood Holesaw range in blue. With each one of these sold we are making a donation to Breast Cancer NZ for our 'Pink' Holesaws and Prostate Cancer for our 'Blue' Holesaws. We have also added Drill bits, Multi tools and Sabre saw blades as well. Not to mention 4 new kits!!